Lawn & Custom Designed Memorials

Lawn Memorials

D.R. Cook Monumental Works not only specialise in full traditional memorials, but are able to expertly craft memorials for lawn and beam sections. Meeting the requirements and standards of each cemetery, we work with you to create a meaningful memorial tribute.


Wave top design in red granite

Shield shape headstone

Sandstone traditional shape headstone with bronze plaques

Mid grey traditional shape headstone

Jet black granite with natural engraved inscription

Jet black granite with 23K gold leaf engraved inscription and artwork

Custom designed to meet cemetery requirements

Carrara marble headstone with black painted lettering

Blue Pearl granite church window

Australian Grandee Granite Lawn memorial with 23K gold engraved letters and artwork

Custom Designed Memorials

Custom designed memorials

D.R Cook Monumental Works encourages families to have imput and suggestions to the memorial design; whether this be for artwork or the inscription or right through to the headstone shape, and manufacture design.  With families that have specific needs, the custom designed memorials may be the preferred choice.

As with all our memorials, we work with our clients to produce a result that meets with the expectation, the requirements of the family all the while exceeding the Australian Standards.

Traditional or modern twists

Specific requirements welcome

Special requests are encouraged

Most granites available in custom designs

Installed in any cemetery metro and country

Fully designed by families

Full ledger splays

Contrast polish and honed edging

Ceramic photos and artworks make the memorial more personal

Bronze embellishments and custom shaped headstones

Artwork designs are tailor made

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